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Spa Circuit board repair testimonials


Spa Circuit board repair - customer testimonials
Recommendations from satisfied Spa repair service centers and spa retail customers acquired in the 30 years of experience
trouble shooting and repairing spa circuit boards and spa controls.We repair all  major brand circuit boards, these include
cal spa, sundance spa, gecko, dimension1, Coleman spa, Jacuzzi spa and balboa.

*New and refurbished Balboa, Gecko, Cal spa, Jacuzzi, Coleman,Dimension 1,and Sundance spa circuit boards for sale,
click on the links (SPA CIRCUIT BOARDS). If you 
don't find the circuit board you are searching for, contact us we may have it available.

CJ Schiavino
 I just want to say thank you. I have never owned a horrible before much less need to install a circuit board. Dominic is probably the
best individual to assist you with any your purchases or needs. I wish I could personally thank him in person. He never made me
feel like I was a nuisance, when I know I was :) Thanks again and any purchases I need I will make sure I stop at your site FIRST! 

CJ Schiavino
Territory Manager

Thank you for your commitment to seeing that we got the spa up and running. My customer is happy and
is now enjoying        
his spa! Thank you again for your follow up and your excellent service!
"Dominic is the best"
Dominic thanks for the great service, it's always a pleasure to work with you , enjoy the prompt service and knowledgeable advice 
George Dragon
Napa valley pool service

"Does great work"

H2Oasis, Inc.
I sure misssed having the reliability of your work Dominic I'm a believer in your thoroughness and have come to truly
appreciate the service you provide, after experiencing first hand the other side of the coin.
I wanted to let you know that the check I sent was for $150.  I really do appreciate your help.  Had I run into you a year and a half ago, I would have been using my tub all this time.
Thanks so very much for information over the phone,I spent over 2 hours with spa tech who could not find the problem,you on the other-hand found
the problem within a matter of minutes. I would like to make a donation to you,I just need to know to whom  to make the check out to,and where to send it .I will get it out to you Thanks  Brian
Thanks so much for your help last night. I wired it up and I got heat. Looks like I have a extra board if I ever need one thanks to my old spa guy.
I will send you a little care package through paypal. I'll also tell all my friends about you in hopes of driving you some extra biz. Expect to here from me soon as I'm sure I will need some stuff.
Thanks again
Customer Leigh
I wanted to thank you very much for all your help when I put the computer back into my jacuzzi.  You were so helpful and walked me through it
when I had questions.  You saved me over $1100.00.  I had a repair man come to my house and he said that  I needed a new computer and top
control panel.   He gave me a price of 1400.00.  That was for the new computer and the top control panel.  There was nothing wrong with the top
control panel.  And I was so lucky to find you on the internet.  You fixed the computer and told me it was like new.  And I saved so much money.
  I sent the computer to you and had in fixed and back to me within a week.  I have never worked on computers before.  I took many pictures
like you said to.   Everyone was impressed that I got it back together.  I will recommend you to everyone and maybe they can save money too
by getting their computers fixed instead of just buying new ones at such high prices.  I can't thank you enough.
Leigh Ann

Customer Vincent
thanks to dominic and A1 spa control when dealing over the internet from half way round the world there is a little
nervousness about - am i going to get my purchase? is it going to be the right part and
quality? can i rely on this business? YES is the answer to these questions and thanks again
A1 spa control.                                   vince perth australia

Customer Joe 
 Was a little concerned with ordering a refurbished board at first but could not be happier that I did. Prior to purchase I called Dominic to make
sure I was getting the proper part and he took the time to make sure I was getting exactly what I needed. Saved a ton of money (approx. $400)
by going with A1spacontrol.com. Customer service was top notch and speedy delivery with exactly the right part in like new condition. wired it
up myself and the spa ran like a champ. Will be sending my broken board to him for repair or donation so others can benefit as I did by finding
this great customer oriented company. I already passed his information on to the pool guy that came out and gave me a ridiculous quote on
what he could get a board for and he was amazed at the deal I got and said he was going to look into using A-1 spa control in his future repairs.
You have definitely done what it takes to earn my future business. Thank you very much for making it a pleasure to deal with you Dominic.
Look forward to working with you again in the future. 

Very Respectfully,


Customer Hayes
Dominic ,Installed the board today ,everything seems to work as expected, thank you for the fast shipping and the great price. Will let you know if I need
other parts for the spa as it is great to buy from a seller as yourself that is willing to spend the time to make sure that your customers get the
right parts and the tech support. keep up the good work you do.

Customer Bill
I just wanted to say thank you.  I'm the guy you spoke to about 10 days ago
that had a Call Spa throwing OHH even after replacing the sensors.  You
turned me on to flow as a possible cause and it turns out that it was
exactly that.  The return flow on the filter pump was set through some jets
and those jets had their individual flows severally throttled down using the
ring on the jet.  That was causing the low flow and the higher heater temps.
I corrected that and it has been running great since.
I wanted to take the time to thank you for taking the call and sharing your
knowledge and advice.  It was very helpful and I know not easy to provide
across your entire base of business.  I want you to know you have a customer
for life.  I've bookmarked your website and as I replace the parts of my
spa, they will all be through you.

Thanks again, Bill

Customer T.A
Thank you A-1 Spa Control for great work.  I sent my circuit board in with controller and you repaired it and shipped it next day.  When
I plugged it back in, the tub fired right up.  Couldn't be happier Dominic.
Best Regards    T. A.

Customer Donnie
Hi Dominick,

I "thumped" a couple times on the existing flow sensor and haven't had a FL2 in 24 hours. I'm sure it's just a temporary fix and I did
order the new one from you. I will get the hose from Home Depot like you suggested. Thank you again for your trouble shooting advice.
Just wish the rest of the world had your positive and pleasant attitude. Be well my friend.


Customer Allen
thank u for the fast shipping and Dominique was very helpful, i suprised myself with me installation abilities, everything seems to
be working correctly, it took a little time for the pump to self-prime so it had me worried for a minute or two. I'll be back with any
spa needs i face in the future, good price, patient, friendly staff, and faaaast shipping.  thanks  Allen

Customer Chris
Dominic and Eloy.  

Hey there, don't know if maybe there was a loose connection or what, but I have heat..  You guys are the best, I will recommend
you to everyone.  I have my own business and I always go the extra mile and so did you.  thanks again..
customer Darrell

I received the new pump and repaired circuit board for my spa and re-installed everything and my spa is working great again.
Thanks for your help and great, fast, service!


Customer Rodney
I would like to say a Big THANK YOU for all your help on Christmas Eve day of
helping me figure out how to get my spa working correct ! A-1 Spa did a great
job of repairing my circuit board! Thank you, Rodney Form Buford Ga


Thank you - Twice

Thanks again for the phone support and the quick shipping. Your replacement board has saved my 12 year old spa, that is well, heating again. You're a pleasure to deal with and hopefully I won't need you again, but if I do, I'll be back.


Cal Spa Pump and Motor

Thank you A-1 Spa Control. I have been without my spa for five months and couldn't get anyone to sell me a pump and motor at fair price. A-1 sold me the perfect fit for my spa and now we are happy at home. Thank you again the BEST COMPANY EVER.

Over and Above!

Just a quick note to the team....Wow! your customer service is awesome in this day and age! Eli helped me work through issues on my spa from his phone...we got it figured out and now I am on the way to Spa Life!! Additionally he repaired my topside control which came apart in pieces when I took it apart, a true craftsman!
Thanks for being awesome at what you do!!!



I purchased a refurbished board from Spa Control and had some problems after installation, not with the board but just getting my spa up and running. I talked on the phone several times with Dominic and I can't tell you how helpful he was. We went through a lot of steps troubleshooting different things and he stayed with me all the way, even calling me back to see how things were progressing with some other repairs I needed to do. Just can't say enough about the great customer service. Way above and beyond! Thanks!

Outstanding Service and Customer Support

Customer Harvey

Thanks to your advice we were able to get our 14 year old Sundance Capri spa up and running. 

In February we purchased a home on Kaua'i and discovered that the spa on the lanai coud not be turned on.  We called Dominic and he patiently listened to our report, asked several questions and suggested that we have a local professional spa company have a look as he felt that there was a problem with the power supply.  We called "Tropical Pool and Spa", our local spa experts on Kaua'i, and the next day they came and checked out our spa, did a great job, and quickly determined as Dominic thought there was a power supply problem.  They quickly got things running and we discovered that the 14 year old main pump was on its last legs.   Again Dominic patiently helped us determine exactly what we needed for a very competive price.  Four days later our pump arrived and the next day our spa was up and running like a champ.  Sine then we have called Dominic several times for spa advice and he was always very patient and technically extremely helpful.   We are very grateful for Dominic’s support and advice as he is the best.  Mahalo, Harvey

Excellent Service

Thanks to A1 Spa control for service above and beyond the call of duty!

They stayed on the phone with me for a long time helping me wire my GFI circuit breaker correctly and then even longer to help diagnose the reason my heater in my Cal Spa would not come on - it was the flo switch...bad connection at the switch.  Ordered a new one from them today!

I probably never would have found the issue without their patient and knowledgable help - they are the best!

Thanks again!

Leon - Seattle, WA



SPA repair service could not diagnose the problem with my tub.  An electrician friend helped me narrow it down to the transformer.  A1 had the part, provided technical assistance over the phone, and had speedy shipping.  Put the part in today and was in the tub a few hours later.  Thanks!!

I highly recommend A1SpaControls for the DIY's out there.

Thanks to Eloy at A1SpaControls my nearly 20-year old Coyote Spa is running better than new. With Eloy’s help, I ordered a new ACC SmartTouch 1000 control unit which was custom built to work with my unique Spa. The unit arrived within a week, and after a few hiccups (user error) which Eloy easily troubleshooted over the phone, I've now got a smart spa that keeps track of my usage and adjusts automatically to save energy during periods of non-use. Looking forward to many more years of service.

Thanks again Eloy and company!

Excellent service!

These guys really care about their customers. Just got off the phone with them  (one of many phone calls I made) trying to troubleshoot a problem unrelated to the circut board they fixed promptly. They went the extra mile to make sure my spa was working correctly. A-1 SPA is a top notch company that I would recommend to everyone with a spa! Thanks again Guys!! - Jim   Delaware

Sundance top side control


These guys are great. I needed a top side controller and they were cheaper than anyone. I received it in Connecticut in 2 days via USPS. I called with a question before ordering and the guys were helpful and curtious. I am going to order a spare temp sensor and hi limit sensor from these guys and will use them for any of my parts needs in the future.



Outstanding Service and Customer Support

I purchased a new circuit board and installed it. Had trouble with control and broard working together. Called A-1 SPA ,got all the help I needed. He was so knowlegeable and patient. He went through alot of steps troubleshooting and stayed on the phone for at lest 2 hours.And fixed the trouble with spa. You are the best, thank you so much.  Steve from WV

Cameo circuit board 6600-098

I couldn't be happier to have my spa working again.  I came across a1spa and was skeptical to do business at first since its on the west coast and not being able to see part in person and having to pay without almost any guarantees....hold and behold I spoke with Eloy and he made my day.  I saved a lot of money being able to do it myself and  gave me more satisfaction.  Package arrived intact and worked as promised.  Thank you and will do business with you in the future if needed.  Price service and a true person to deal with.  A1spa is on my list. All the way from Connecticut, a BIG thanks.


spa repair

Thanks Eloy, this guy sent me the correct parts the first time, talked me through the repair on the phone. The Spa King, dude if your ever in Joplin Mo I'm buyin' 

repair cal spa circuit board

Thanks so much for walking me through my repair. I sent my Cal Spa circuit board for repair, you responded it was working correctly and it was up to me if i wanted to update and repair some corrosion on the board. I had you repair it. When i put it back in i still had the original heater issue which you told me upfront that the board was not the issue. You told me to call when i got it hooked back up so i did. You spent plenty of time walking me thru how to troubleshot the problem. I would of never pinpointed the issue with out your help. I recommend your service and would rate at a 100%.

Spa Repair

I would highly recomend them and was treated extremely fair and will write a more detail review shortly but if you need spa repair this is the place to use !!

Review: 5 stars / excellent service!

I recently purchased  a control from A1spa control. I was very happy to see the item arrived quickly and in great condition .When I installed the controller in my spa I could not get it to work so I phoned the company at 7 o'clock at night expecting to get an answering machine.To my surprise Dominic answered.  He stayed on the phone with me for over an hour dissecting the problem, even after getting disconnected 2 or 3 times he would always call me back. He was very knowledgeable and very very helpful and within an hour he had my spa up and running.  I am very satisfied with the service and the whole experience.  I highly recommend the company to anybody that is looking for a spa controller. Thanks again to Dominic and A1 spa control for a satisfying experience. 
Dave from Florida

Spa Troubleshooting

Wow! These guys are great. I have been chasing a problem with my spa for a long time. Eloy stayed on the phone with me to work through the problem. We discovered it was something much simpler than we thought. The techs that came out from other companies could not resolve it. I woud recommend them to anyone. Thanks Eloy.

Returned circuit board

i purchased a circuit board from Dominic because I was told by a repairman that was the problem. It wasn't so I contacted Dominic to return the board we talked and instead of just taking the board back he asked me what the problem was and figured out the issue turns out it was a temp sensor a $30 part. He went the extra mile to help me and ended up saving me so much money I didn't need another repairman to troubleshoot and didn't need a $300 circuit board. Dominic solved my problem all the way across the country and I will use a-1 from now on for my hot tub needs.

Great fast service

My hotub had a problem with overheating. I figured it was the circuit board but didn't want to spend a lot of money on a ten year old tub. The local service wanted $150 just to come out and said a new boardcould be another $350+. I found A-1 on the web and thought I'd give them a try. Dominic was awesome.  Fast next-day turnaround at half the price of local service, and my tub is backup and running perfectly! Thanks  A1Spa !

Hot tub issue resolved!

The first thing you need to know is I don't know Dominic from Adam.  I live in Minnesota and he is in California.   I'm not even sure how I got connected with him really (Google I'm thinking).  Anyway, I bought a circuit board from him a year and a half back (this was for a 10 year old hot tub) and my hot tub failed again (~15 months after the new circuit board was installed).   It was tripping the GFI breaker on the side of the house so it wouldn't heat etc.    I of course was thinking that the circuit board failed again.   So I called Dominic, he was super patient working with me to determine that it was actually the breaker on the house that was bad and not the circuit board.   Thank you Dominic!!  We really appreciate you helping us get the hot tub going again.  You are a total rock star!!!  I would recommend your services for sure.   Thanks again!!   Jason from MN

Circuit Board Replacement

Although I did not need to get assistance on this it was comforting to know that it was available. I ordered a replacement board and installed it and spa works great now ater sitting for over 2 years from four dashes of death. These guys are highly recmmended I will be doing business with them again if I have any other problems. Thanks for being here.

CalSpa 2 year routine mainteance

I own a CalSpa that is still under warranty and had a difficult time getting service. A-1 came to the rescue with friendly, fast and cost effective services. I can not thank you enough!!!! :-)

Eloy really helped me out.I

Eloy really helped me out.I just installed a new spa pack. Only pump 1 would come on.eloy told me it was a confirmation problem that we could solve with the keypad.The controls were
Hard to navigate without a function button,but helped me figure out wich buttons would work.reprogrammed and now it works great. Thanks

Gecko control board

I truly cannot give enough praise to these guys: A+++++!! Eloy spent close to 2 hours on the phone with me configuring and problem solving my board to be compatable to my hot tub. Very cheap, patient and friendly service, next hot tub issue I have I will be calling these guys, they know hot tubs!!!