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Acc Smartouch Digital 1000 spa control

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Smart touch 1000

Acc Smartouch Digital 1000 spa control

The Smart touch spa control 1000 can control a 2 speed primary pump, a single speed air blower or a single Speed secondary pump, a 12 volt spa light, an auxiliary light or accessory and an ozonator. The system comes with a calibrated pressure switch, a heavy duty 2 pole contactor to control the 5.5 KW attached heating element. This system is convertible and may be run on 120 volts.

This kit comes standard with a KP 1000 topside control , all other topsides controls are an upgrade .

Please contact us or specifiy in order coments, which topside control you will need.

Top view

Dimensions 15.375” W X 14.5” H X 3” D


SmarTouch 1000SMTD-10001 or 2 Speed 120V/240V1 Speed 120V/240V12VAC5.5KW / GAS240V / 120 V41A / 24A 16A

      Standard AMP style receptacles
      Optional J and J style receptacles    


I recently purchased a control from A1spa control. I was very happy to see the item arrived quickly and in great condition .When I installed the controller in my spa I could not get it to work so I phoned the company at 7 o'clock at night expecting to get an answering machine.To my surprise Dominic answered. He stayed on the phone with me for over an hour dissecting the problem, even after getting disconnected 2 or 3 times he would always call me back. He was very knowledgeable and very very helpful and within an hour he had my spa up and running. I am very satisfied with the service and the whole experience. I highly recommend the company to anybody that is looking for a spa controller. Thanks again to Dominic and A1 spa control for a satisfying experience. Dave from Florida

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Thanks to Dominic and A1 spa control when dealing over the internet from half way around the world there is a little nervousness about am i going to get my purchase? is it going to be the right part and quality? can I rely on this business? YES is the answer to  these questions and thanks again A1 spa control. vince perth australia.