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VITA Spas Board, L500,LC500,L500A DMVita 460100

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VITA Spas Board, L500,LC500,L500A DMVita 460100

VITA Spas Board, L500,LC500,L500A DM/Vita 460100
Vita Spa Circuit Board
The following topside(s) are compatible with the above circuit board: 58-103-1004
02-18-11 There is now a revision to this board. A resettable fuse has been added to protect the board from being damaged when hooked up to a defective topside.
If a topside has a short, the resettable fuse heats up and opens. After the spaside with the short is unplugged and the fuse is allowed to cool the fuse will supply power again. This revision should prevent bad spasides from damaging new power boards

Price: $252.00
SKU: 30460100

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Thanks to Dominic and A1 spa control when dealing over the internet from half way around the world there is a little nervousness about am i going to get my purchase? is it going to be the right part and quality? can I rely on this business? YES is the answer to  these questions and thanks again A1 spa control. vince perth australia.