Sundance spa circuit board 6600 092/refurbished

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Refurbished Sundance/Jacuzzi circuit board controller 850 lcd

p/n 6600 - 092   

Eprom chip #  Rev.9.50                                                     

Systems, 1&2 Pump

6600-155, 6600- 094, 6600-057, 6600-098, 6600-092, 6600-056 are the same boards with different micro chips.  

This board tested good and will perform like a new board.

Warranty = 30 days

Warranty is not valid If:1)  pc board is connected incorrectly.2)  external equipment such as pump,blower,     and heater are  drawing to much     amperage which will damage the pc board.3)  Chemical or water damage.  4)  An electrical surge.


Note* 35.00 additional core charge is added to the total cost, once we receive your existing circuit board (must be completely assembled and in repairable condition ).We will refund you the 35.00.

SKU: 6600-092r
Price: $298.00

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USPS Priority Mail

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