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Sundance-Jacuzzi Theramax Spa Pump 6500-343-355, Brkt inclluded

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Sundance-Jacuzzi Spa Pump 6500-343-355

Sundance-Jacuzzi Spa Pump  6500-343/355 oem replacement

 used on these Spa Models from 1997-Present: Altamar (1998-2004, replaces the 1997-1998 Aquaflo "XP" 6500-126), Austin, Bahia, Burlington, Calypso, Calypso I, Calypso II, Cameo (1998-2004, replaces the 1997-1998 Aquaflo "XP" 6500-126), Camden, Capri, Caprio ST, Cayman, Certa, Corum, Cyprus, Hamilton, Hartford, Hawthorne, Madison, Marin, Majesta, Maxxus (1999-2004, #1 #2 and #3 pump), Montego, Olympia (1997-2004, replaces 1997-1998 Aquaflo"XP" 6500-128) , Optima, Palermo, Rio, Telluride.

 Replacement for these old part numbers:

6500-761, 6500-128, 6500-138, 6500-254, 6500-260, 6500-261, 6500-268, 6500-754, 6500-757, 6500-761, 6500-762, 6500-764, 6500-765, 6500-768 

Used on Jacuzzi Models (also called Jacuzzi Piranha Pump): 325,330,335,340,345,350,355,360,365,370,375,380,385


 Product specifications:


volts: 230/240

Amps: 11.0/3.3 

Hp:     2.5hp

2 speed 

Bracket included(6000-532)


Price: $325.00
SKU: 6500-343/355

Shipping Method

UPS ground


Thanks to Dominic and A1 spa control when dealing over the internet from half way around the world there is a little nervousness about am i going to get my purchase? is it going to be the right part and quality? can I rely on this business? YES is the answer to  these questions and thanks again A1 spa control. vince perth australia.