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Sundance® Spa Temperature Sensor with Box end connectors 6600-167

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Sundance spa temperature sensor 6600-167

Product Details

Used for the following models:

  • 2005+ 880 Systems
  • 1997-2005 850 Systems, 400, 600, 600-S, 750, and 800 Systems
  • 1992 Suncoast
  • 04/1996-04/1998 Suntub SV_DV Systems
  • 1997 850 Systems
  • 2005-2009 J-400 and 2002+ J-300 LCD Series
  • 2002-2003 J-350, J-360, J-370, and J-380 Models
  • 2004-2006 J-355, J-365, J-375, and J-385 Models
  • All 2006-2009 J-400 Models

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Thanks to Dominic and A1 spa control when dealing over the internet from half way around the world there is a little nervousness about am i going to get my purchase? is it going to be the right part and quality? can I rely on this business? YES is the answer to  these questions and thanks again A1 spa control. vince perth australia.