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Gecko Temp Sensor SSPA-MSPA-MP 9920-400262

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Gecko Spa Temp Sensor For SSPA - MSPA-MP - 9920-400262 LENGTH 10'

Gecko Spa Temperature Probe For SSPA - MSPA-MP 9920-400262 length 10'

Part Number: 9920-400262

spa temperature sensors

Price: $42.00
SKU: 9920-400262

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USPS Priority Mail


Thanks to Dominic and A1 spa control when dealing over the internet from half way around the world there is a little nervousness about am i going to get my purchase? is it going to be the right part and quality? can I rely on this business? YES is the answer to  these questions and thanks again A1 spa control. vince perth australia.